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What's a Buppy?

Buppy was made out of the love for our animal companions. We strive to give owners the ability to show off their awesome friends and commemorate them.

Originally inspired by gaming, a Buppy is a Minecraft dog made by a close group of friends. It became an inside joke that we all enjoyed and loved.

Buppy was created in an attempt to extend our love for pets to the whole world. We wanted a way to celebrate and commemorate our lovely animal companions, and we want you to tag along! There is a special bond everyone shares with their animals, and we want to help immortalize this bond.

Buppy is for everyone who has ever loved an animal in their life.

For all the joy they bring to our lives, our pets are our heroes.

We strive to be a digital storefront that can do you and your pet justice!


We search for great charities to get behind especially ones that aid animals. We proudly support charities and donate at least 10% of all proceeds to the charity of the month. Know any good charities? Let us know!


We want you to enjoy our products. If you have any problems with a product, yell at us, scream at us, meme at us!

Drop by and say "Hi"!

Any questions? Get a hold of us at or click here! Knowing what you like or want to see is always helpful. We also like to hear from you on social media! Let us know if you want to see a product or if you want to turn something into a product!





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